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Pot Plant Supply

pot plant supply

Flowers can beautify and enhance the amenity values of our environment. Apart from parks and public open spaces, ornamental plants are grown in different venues and seasonal flowers are displayed at different festivals. Common ornamental plants are listed below:

  • Herbaceous plant

 They could be annual, biennial, or perennial herbs. Their life cycle is normally shorter and mainly for seasonal decoration.

  • Bulbous plant

The bulbous plants have a large root that stored a large number of nutrients. Their bulbs could survive even under adverse weather conditions. Generally, the bulbous plants are used in parks and gardens and as cut flowers

  • Foliage plants

Leaves of foliage plants are normally high in ornamental value. Sometimes, the leaf shape and leaf color are special. There are many cultivars with different appearances. They usually come from tropical rain forests in high temperatures and humid environments. They are suitably planted in the indoor area under insufficient sunlight.

  • Hanging plant

Climbers and vines are commonly utilized for hanging on the wall, on the ceiling and on windows.

  • Herbs

Fruit, flower, root, stem and leaf of herbs can be used as a spice.

  • Orchid

Orchid is a diverse and widespread family of flowering plants, with blooms that are often colourful, fragrant and elegant. Orchid is one of the most favorite indoor flowers. Most orchids are originated from shaded and wet habitats. Therefore in order to keep them healthy, they are better to be planted at locations with indirect sunlight, high humidity and cool environment (20 to 25 degrees). Wetting the petals should be avoided to increase the flowering duration.

  • Succulent 

Succulent is easy to plant and maintain. Their stems and leaves can store a large amount of water. It can survive under prolonged drought.  

  • Aquatic plant

Aquatic plant is a plant that grows in, near, or on the water surface. According to the relative position between the leave and the water surface, an aquatic plant is either emergent, submergent, floating-leaved or free-floating in nature. Generally, the aquatic plants are used to create a container water garden, pond pot and improve the aesthetical value of water features in a garden.


Points to note if you are looking for the pot plant supply:

  • Condition of the root, the radicle should be thin and white.
  • Condition of the root ball should be solid and sufficient.
  • Suitability of the species to the planting environment.


Pot plant supply service from Tak Tai

  • Professional advice by experienced horticulturists.
  • Supplying high diversity of plants in high quality from Tak Tai owned nurseries.
  • Tak Tai's Hong Kong nursery could serve as temporary storage and transferring station to make good the plant materials before shipment.