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Horticultural Maintenance

horticultural maintenace

Good horticultural maintenance improves a site's landscaping effect and is more pleasant for visitors. Normally horticultural maintenance is focusing on lawn, herbs and shrubs. Grasses are cut regularly. Shrubs are shaped periodically.


In addition, watering and fertilizing are crucial for plant growth and development. The watering schedule and fertilizing dosage shall be based on actual plant situations and are highly dependent on plant types. Sometimes, we even have to replenish organic matters in order to maintain soil vitality. Good nutrients balance and healthy plant growth are the final outcomes.


Moreover, horticultural maintenance involves the prevention of diseases. To prevent weed regrowth and strangling adjacent plants, weed shall be cleared thoroughly with their roots removed. Regular health checking by profession is important for the early discovery of plant diseases. If a pest is discovered, the pest is better controlled by integrated pest management. Pesticide application is one of the options under integrated pest management.


Professional horticultural maintenance service from Tak Tai,

  • Monitoring and executing by experienced horticulturists.
  • Supplying high-quality plant materials from Tak Tai’s nurseries.
  • Conducting tree risk assessment by a qualified arborist.
  • Providing a one-stop service including integrated pest management and pest control services.