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Vegetation Management

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Vegetation is a general term for the plant life or total plant cover. Species composition in vegetation normally depends on various environmental factors such as light intensity, temperature, and rainfall. Human influence also has a large impact. In Hong Kong, the majority of vegetation belongs to the evergreen broad-leaved forest of the subtropical flora of Southeast Asia. Grasslands and shrublands contributed some of Hong Kong's vegetation.


Exuberant vegetation is an important element in greening. It could contribute to cleaner air, prevents soil erosion and increases precipitation. There are numerous considerations during vegetation management :

  • Varieties and distribution of plants
  • Ecological value
  • Purpose of the vegetation
  • Public safety
  • Budget


In vegetation preservation and management, weeds, we normally have to clear overgrown and invasive plant species. At the same time, native plants are enriched and planted in order to increase biodiversity and create a better habitat for wildlife.  Sometimes, soil health management helps the vegetation too. Good soil biotic, chemical compositions and physical properties promote better plant growth.  


Vegetation management service from Tak Tai,

  • Giving professional advice and making assessment by experienced horticulturalists and certified arborist.
  • Providing a one-stop service including soil management, tree risk assessment and preservation works.
  • Giving suggestion on the plant selection and landscape materials.
  • Supplying various species of plants including native plants.