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Arboricultural Consultancy

Arboricultual consultancy

The omnipresent trees located in different places have diverse demand on growth environment condition according to the distinct type, number and health condition of the trees. Through tree strategic management, the health and growing of the trees within the managed area could be easily monitored. A good tree management is significant to minimize risks to the public caused by damaged trees and maximize the benefits provided by a healthy and sustainable urban environment. The common tree management practice are as below:

  • Understanding the number and species of the trees within the specific scope of area.
  • Strengthening the trees health monitoring and reducing risk (Tree risk assessment)
  • Conducting regular tree preservation and maintenance (Tree pruning and pest control)
  • Providing related tree information, tree protection measure and tree problem handling solution to the stakeholders.


In tree management, trees would be marked and assessed by the structure and the health of roots, stem leaves, flowers, fruits and trunk. Furthermore, the influence among the trees, environment and human factors should also be taken into consideration. According to the assessment result, arborist would give suggestions with detail report (tree preservation solution, pest control and risk reduction measures).    


Notes should be attention when conducting arboricultural consultancy.

  • Conducted by qualified arborist
  • Making regular assessment especially before and after typhoon and rainy season.
  • Suggesting solutions for project management.


Professional arboricultural consultant service from TakTai,

  • Giving consultation by qualified arborist
  • Providing detailed report and management suggestion
  • Conducting tree risk assessment by qualified arborist
  • Supplying quality plants from TakTai’s nursery in China.
  • Providing one-stop horticultural maintenance service.
  • Providing tree pruning, transplanting and removal service.