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Greening Consultation

Greening Consultation

In a densely populated city like Hong Kong, greening can offer many environmental and social benefits including thermal insulation, reduced heat island effect, rainwater capture, and a pleasant space for social gatherings. It can improve the urban living conditions and enhance the quality of our lives.


The target of Hong Kong greening is to bring about noticeable improvements in urban greenery, to enhance existing greened areas. To enhance opportunities of quality greening, many public works projects have also taken green elements into account during the planning and development stage. If the developed and developing property would like to enhance green and landscaping through maximization of greenery coverage, the rooftop, balcony, surface of the wall, podium, sidewalk and slope are the options.  


When conducting greening works on the properties, below details have to be considered,

  • The safety of the building structures
  • Drainage and water works
  • Landscaping design
  • The selection of species of plant and landscape materials


Greening consultation service that TakTai will provide,

  • Making assessment and giving suggestion by experienced horticultural person.
  • Formulating the best greening solution based on the actual situation.
  • Providing advice on choosing plants and landscape materials.