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Landscape Improvement

Landscape improvement

Landscape improvement aims to improve aesthetics of the landscape to create a greener and more sustainable environment. The aspects for improvement include:

  • Adding new plants (flowers and trees)
  • Returfing
  • Providing green treatments (hydro-seeding and tree planting) on newly formed slopes.
  • Setting up thematic gardens.
  • Building up green wall
  • Setting up green roof


Notes should be attention when conducting landscape improvement.

  • Selecting proper species of plants.
  • Performing modernization works based on the actual needs and current situation.


Professional landscape improvement from Tak Tai,

  • Making assessment and giving professional advice by qualified arborist and experienced horticultural person.
  • Providing greening solutions according to the actual needs.
  • Providing one-stop service including tree risk assessment and horticultural maintenance service.
  • Suggesting proper species and landscape materials.
  • Supplying various plant species from TakTai’s nursery in China
  • Project monitoring and supervising by qualified person.
  • Providing landscape maintenance service.