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Planting Work

planting work

Planting work is indispensable in greening, and it is a sophisticated work that is suggested to be managed by professionalism. After deciding the planting location, the specialist has to work on the planting schedule and tasks arrangement, the primary tasks include:       


Planting work is an essential part of soft landscaping and greening. There are science and technology behind the planting. It is not a simple work. Apart from the actual site works, planting plans, pre-planting preparation works and post-planting maintenance are necessary for good quality planting. Some major procedures include:


  • Planting plan

When formulating a planting plan, light intensity, space requirement and drainage properly of a place shall be investigated. Plant species shall be selected properly. Design objectives, environmental factors, effective soil volume and species characteristics shall be considered when designing the planter. The good design shall be workable and sustainable.


  • Site preparation
    • Remove obstructions such as trash, large sticks or stones
    • Till the soil or fill planting soil to enough soil depth so that the plant could grow healthily without the need to water frequently. Sometimes, a new planter has to be constructed before planting. The soil conditioners can be considered depending on the soil and the environmental conditions.
    • Additional cultivation, fertilizing and soil amendments can be carried out before planting work.


  • Installing a planter drainage system

The planter drainage system shall consider the plant characteristics, environmental conditions and climatic factors. A well-established drainage system can prevent water logging and soil erosion. If the soil is waterlogged, plant roots will suffer from anoxia and eventually wilt.


  • Project scheduling and monitoring

There are large varieties in the working environment, location difficulty and plant size. The required working time, lead time and machinery in different projects are different largely. To avoid project delay, these factors shall be considered when coordinating and scheduling planting works.


Points to note when carrying out planting:

  • Select suitable species.
  • Pay attention to the health condition and quality of the plant materials.
  • Supervision and monitoring by experienced horticulturalists.


Planting service from Tak Tai,

  • Professional advice by certified arborists and experienced horticulturist.
  • Suggesting suitable plant species and landscape materials.
  • Supplying high diversity of plants in high quality from Tak Tai owned nurseries.
  • Setting up subsoil drainage system including design, installation and maintenance.
  • Providing landscape maintenance service.