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Green roof

The greenery space in Hong Kong is lacking. Green roof, as one of the greening options, has become increasingly popular. There are several benefits to install green roof. Green roof can improve air quality by biofiltrations. It also reduces the temperature by screening out direct solar radiation. It has aesthetic value which improves the visual appearance of a building. Moreover, green roof could be created as a sky garden for amenity and leisure uses. Nowadays, Depending on the objection, there are two types of green roof -  intensive and extensive:


Intensive green roof

An intensive green roof consists of deeper soil depth and supports a wider plant range. It is available for public access with recreational purposes like sky gardens and podium gardens. Normally higher aesthetical value and more maintenance works are required.


Extensive green roof

An extensive green roof consists of shallower soil depth and supports narrower plant range. Sometimes wild herbs are utilized and natural colonization of native species is allowed in some of the designs. Less maintenance is required under these designs.. Its i major focus is on the environmental and ecological values. Because of its smaller structural loading, sometimes it is utilized for aesthetic proposes too in Hong Kong. For example, greening on top of covered walkways.


Points to note if you are looking for a green roof:

  • Calculate the loading capacity of the structure , e.g. additional imposed load
  • Check the condition of existing waterproofing layers on roofs and its drainage design. To avoid water seepage, modification on the waterproorfing and drainage layers may be necessary before installing the green roof.
  • Select suitable plants to avoid destroying the waterproofing of floor slabs and reduce future maintenance costs.
  • Consider installing , geotextile separation layer and root barrier to avoid drain blockage.


 Green roof service from Tak Tai:

  • Approved supplier of materials and specialist contractor for public works under the category “Landscaping (Class I) (Group II)” Public Works Landscaping. Tak Tai is also under the Housing Authority List of Soft Landscape Contractors (Group 2).
  • Structural assessment conducted by an authorized person (AP) and/or a registered structural engineer (RSE).
  • Custom-made and practical landscaping design.
  • Supplying high diversity of plants in high quality from Tak Tai owned nurseries.
  • One-stop  horticultural maintenance service.