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Soil Erosion Control Planting

soil erosion control planting

Soil Erosion Control Planting is establishing vegetation covers on the eroded or erosion-prone slopes. The objectives are to control soil erosion, enhance the ecological and landscape value of the degraded land and reduce the likelihood of landslides.


In Soil Erosion Control Planting, apart from the slope stabilization, ecological sustainability and visual appeal shall be taken into account too. To promote biodiversity and to arrest potential soil erosion earlier, complementary vegetation community mix using both pioneer species and native species is normally recommended.  


Soil Erosion Control Planting service from Tak Tai:

  • Making assessment and monitoring by experienced landscaping specialist, qualified arborist and registered safety officer.
  • Giving professional advice and formulating comprehensive conservation solutions based on customer requests and the actual situation.
  • Coping with the construction programme, monitoring vegetation health and proactively advising improvement works.
  • Providing a one-stop service including tree risk assessment, planning and implementing conservation work.
  • Supplying high diversity of plants.