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Turf sod is the soil layer containing a mat of grass roots and stolon/rhizomes. By laying the sods, a turf could be quickly built and established. With the benefit of fast and neat, turfing is applied in :

  • Landscaping design, it is grown as a component for passive ornamental use and as a part of the layered landscape.
  • Recreation facilities such as the park, golf course and athletics field, which offer an appropriate environment for people to rest and exercise.
  • Soil protection on a slope. The vegetated slope could retain moisture and reduce the chance of soil erosion.


Common turf grasses found in Hong Kong are Carpet grass, Couch grass, Manila grass, Perennial Ryegrass, Paspalum and Bahiagrass, etc. In the construction, turfing is done by sprigging or sod laying on a leveled soil or sand surface.


Below are some considerations when turf,

  • The species and objective of the turfing work.
  • Environmental factors such as light intensity, soil conditions, drainage conditions and irrigation situations.


Professional turfing service from Tak Tai,

  • Professional advice from experienced landscaping specialist
  • Assessing on the selection of turf species and associated landscape materials.
  • Providing a one-stop landscape maintenance service.
  • Providing one-stop subsoil drainage and irrigation system installation service