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Tree Survey and Assessment

Tree survey _ assessment

Human activity and tree growth have mutual interference. The healthy and appropriate growth location of the trees could contribute to the improvement of air quality and the landscape, which brings us a comfortable environment. However, trees are always threatened by human activities and there are many man-made tree health and growth problems. In worse cases, the tree may become hazardous endangering human life and property. Below are some common tree problems in Hong Kong:

  • Restricted growing space
  • Improper tree pruning
  • Damaged trunk and root by human activities
  • Tree damage after typhoon, rainstorm and thunder
  • Tree leaning
  • Dead crown or with broken branches
  • Fungal infection or diseased


To achieve the goal of "People, Trees, Harmony", regular tree risk assessment is essential to understand more about the health conditions and the influence induced by surrounded factors. Via conducting tree survey and assessment by a qualified arborist, we could acquire below information for formulating the best tree preservation and maintenance solution:

  • Tree quantity
  • Type of tree species
  • Tree size (Diameter at Breast Height DBH, height, Crown Spread
  • Health condition
  • Structure condition and tree form
  • Overall value (including amenity, cultural, ecological and historical factors)


The factors have to be considered when conducting a tree risk assessment,

  • The assessment has to conduct by a qualified arborist.
  • Regular assessment is highly recommended for good management, especially before and after typhoon season and wet season.
  • Provision of a tree management plan and proper follow-up actions on the assessment results.


Tree risk assessment service from Tak Tai:

  • Conducting the assessment by an experienced qualified arborist.
  • Giving professional advice and sound recommendations.
  • Providing one-stop tree management and horticultural maintenance service.
  • Providing solutions to tree pruning, transplanting and removal service.