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Hydroseeding is a planting process that hydraulically spraying seeds through high-pressure hose. It is normally done in large areas or places that are difficult to plant, such as slope, golf courses, reclaimed area, landfill area, stone mine, temporary greening and highway for soil erosion control. During hydroseeding, seeds, stabilizers, mulch fibers and fertilizer are mixed to form seeding slurry. Then the seeding slurry is applied onto the treatment surface through a hydroseeder pump. Below are the brief procedures :

  • Site clearage
  • Spraying seeding slurry by hydroseeder
  • Placing protective mat on top of the sprayed surface
  • Seed sprouting within 2- 6 weeks
  • Vegetation normally forms after 3 months


The advantages of hydroseeding

Hydroseeding can quickly spread seeds to a large area. Planting using hydroseeding save manpower and is highly cost-effective. This technology does not only spread grass seeds but also spray seeds of wildflowers, shrubs and trees. Therefore it can be used to spread a specially formulated seed mix to improve the green coverage. Even a complementary vegetation community mix is possible to be sprayed at the same time. The seeds can be mixed with mulch fibers to retain moisture during hydroseeding. The supplementary ingredients can accelerate germination, improve vegetation health and speed up establishment rate.


Hydroseeding service from Tak Tai,

  • Giving professional advice and making assessments by experienced horticulturalists.
  • Giving suggestion on the plant selection and landscape materials.
  • Providing landscape maintenance service.