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Planter Drainage System

Planter drainage system

The drainage system is an important and essential component in the landscaping work but is commonly being neglected and overlooked. Waterlogged soil could lead to root rotting due to insufficient oxygen and toxicants from anaerobic environment. Plants wither eventually if the planter drainage is poorly designed or constructed. The planter drainage system is formed by solid pipeline, outlet, weep hole, perforated pipe, geotextile  or drainage aggregate  to properly dispose of the excess water from your yard and allows the plants to grow healthy. Drainagepipelines and stormwater intake are installed in different shapes according to the site situation, such as branch shape, circular shape and fish bone shape. It shall be installed to direct the water from high level to the final outlets. Common types of drainage system are as below:


Terrain drainage

By forming the 0.1% to 0.3% inclination  on the ground surface, the terrain drainage ensures water discharging to the river, lake or drain pit. The installation cost of terrain drainage is low and there is no separate drainage system. It is commonly adopted in civil works  and building works.


Open Channel

The water in the low-lying topography is directed to the drainage outlets by open trenches on the ground. This method is utilized in area where fast discharge is required and in area with uneven terrain. Sometimes, open channel is even adopted in emergency discharge of flooding water. Dimension of open channel is depended on the discharge volume. Inclination of the channel is normally designed to be at least 0.2% to 0.5%.   



By underground pipeline or canal, water is discharged away from planters and from low-lying topography. This method is aesthetically tidy and is commonly used in buildings and urban cities. But it is high in installation and maintenance costs.


Points to note if you are looking for the planter drainage system:

  • Terrain and drainage outlet profiles
  • Discharge volume
  • Aesthetic requirements


Planter drainage system design and installation service from Tak Tai

  • Making assessment and giving professional advices on the whole landscaping works from experienced horticulturists and certified arborists.
  • Custom made solution of landscaping design based on actual needs and usages.
  • Project management and supervision by qualified person.
  • One-stop service from design, installation and maintenance.