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Landscape Materials

Landscape material

We own and operate a nursery with an area of over 3,100,000 sq. ft. in China and Hong Kong, where a large variety of plants, shrubs, and trees are maintained. These materials are served as major supplies to our projects and customers. Managed by a team of experienced professions and skilled gardeners, our nursery is designed with good infrastructure and equipped with sufficient facilities.

  • Plants

Seasonal flowers, potted plants, shrub, bush, turf and tree.

  • Landscape materials

Top soil, soilless planting medium, fertilizer, peat moss, mulch, plastic ground sheet, soil conditioner and pots

  • Mechanical equipment and tools

Brush cutter, hedge shear, lawnmower, excavator, chainsaw, cultivator, pruning-shear, etc.

  • Garden ornament and infrastructure

Garden sculpture, scaffold, fountain, water features, rock, artificial plants and landscape fencing and irrigation system.


Landscape materials supply from Tak Tai:

  • Professional advice by experienced horticulturists and certified arborists.
  • Supplying high diversity of plants in high quality from Tak Tai owned nurseries.
  • Providing a one-stop service including landscaping and maintenance works.