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Tree supply

Definition and classification of tree

Generally, a tree is a woody plant with an elongated lignified trunk. Sometimes large shrubs and palms are also considered to be trees. In the broad definition, the tree includes trees, shrub, liana and palm. In Hong Kong, a plant with a DBH larger than 95mm is considered to be a tree under the government’s definition. It is regulated under relevant laws and guidelines.

Trees could also be grouped by their origins. They could be separated into two groups – Native and Exotic. According to the information given by Environmental Campaign Committee in 2001, there are 30% of existing trees in Hong Kong are native (covered 400 native tree species), while 70% of trees are exotic f (covered 200 foreign tree species).


The functional value of trees

Trees in an urban city could be used as roadside trees, ornamental trees and shade trees.


Roadside trees

Roadside trees are the trees planted adjacent to roads and pedestrian paths. Normally they are planted in an evenly spaced pattern forming a tidy outlook. Well planted roadside trees can improve air quality, beautify the city and reduce noise. During the selection of roadside trees, there are numerous desired characteristics: high resistance to pests and diseases, tolerance to pollutions, minimized surface roots, no unpleasant odor, easy to manage, etc. Melaleuca leucadendron, Cinnamomum burmannii and Crateva unilocularis are some of the common roadside tree species in Hong Kong.


Ornamental trees

Ornamental trees are cultivated for decorative purposes. They are commonly good in tree forms. Sometimes they have special leaf characters and nice flowers providing high amenity value. Therefore they are used for greening and beautify the cityscape. Tabebuia chrysantha, Callistemon viminalis and Bauhinia x blakeana Dunn are some of the common ornamental trees in Hong Kong.


Shade trees

The role of the shade trees is to provide shade for the space users. They could create a cooler environment by covering the scorching sun. The desired characteristics of a shade tree normally include wide in tree crown, lush foliage, no unpleasant odor, non-toxic and high resistance to pests and diseases. Ficus spp., Cinnamomum camphora and Delonix regia are common shade trees in Hong Kong.


Point to note if you are looking for the tree supply:

  • Native or exotic species
  • Is the tree suitable for the planting environment
  • The expected characteristic and functions of the tree
  • Tree maintenance issues


Professional tree supply service from Tak Tai:

  • Professional advice by certified arborists and experienced horticulturist.
  • One-stop service in tree risk assessment and tree maintenance service.
  • Supplying high diversity of plants in high quality from Tak Tai owned nurseries.
  • Tak Tai's Hong Kong nursery could serve as temporary storage and transferring station to make good the plant materials before shipment.