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Tree Removal

tree removal

Due to the subtropical climate, typhoons cause a large number of tree failures in Hong Kong every year. Tree removal is normally considered to be the last resort of risk abatement and shall be supported by strong reason. When a tree poses an imminent threat to the public and properties without other sound alternatives, the tree shall be removed.

Apart from damages from a natural disaster, poor health conditions of a tree and land development may result in tree removal too. Below are some of the circumstances: 

  • The tree has died or is dying with no chance of recovery
  • The tree has been determined to be a hazard tree after a risk assessment
  • The tree is an obstruction which cannot be mitigated through pruning
  • The tree is crowding and harming other trees
  • The tree is to be replaced by a species more suitable to the location or for ecological reason
  • The tree is unable to be preserved during construction or land development


According to the "tree preservation clause" and "landscape clauses" in most of the land lease of the private lot, the lot owner has to make a prior application to the District Lands Office of Lands Department and obtain written consent before removing or heavy pruning of trees within the lot. In the application, all tree works should be supervised by a qualified person, and some proposals and reports should be submitted.

  • Preparation
    • Applicants should prepare the following documents which should be filled out by certified arborists.
      • Tree Removal Proposal
      • Detailed Compensatory Planting Proposal
      • Tree assessment schedule
  • Tree works supervision

Public safety is the prior concern in tree removal. The Government recommends that all tree works should be supervised and executed by a qualified person who possesses arboricultural, landscaping or tree care background.

  • Completion report

After the completion of works, a completion report with removed tree photos shall be submitted to the Lands Department.


Tree removal service from Tak Tai:

  • Making assessment and monitoring by experienced horticulturist and certified arborist.
  • Formulating and executing tree removal operations based on customer requests, actual situations and government regulations.
  • Providing a one-stop service including tree risk assessment, tree removal application to the government and compensatory planting service.
  • Disposing or recycling service for the yard waste.